17th International Conference on

Intelligent Virtual Agents        

(IVA 2017), Aug 27-30, Stockholm


The goal of the IVA workshops is to provide a forum for informal and lively discussions and research presentations on emerging applications, technologies, and concepts related to Intelligent Virtual Agents. Workshops will be held one day prior to the conference, on August 27, 2017 at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Links to the three IVA 2017 Workshops: Interaction with Agents and Robots: Different Embodiments, Common Challenges http://iar.ict.usc.edu/ Workshop on Conversational Interruptions in Human-Agent Interactions (CIHAI) http://workshopcihai2017.doc.ic.ac.uk Persuasive Embodied Agents for Behavior Change http://ii.tudelft.nl/peach2017/ See the Venue page for workshop locations. Please send questions to the respective workshop organisers and/or to the IVA 2017 Workshops CoChair, contact below. Candy Sidner Worcester Polytechnic Institute workshops@iva2017.org 
IVA2017 August 27-30, Stockholm
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