17th International Conference on

Intelligent Virtual Agents        

(IVA 2017), Aug 27-30, Stockholm

Posters and Demos

IVA2017 August 27-30, Stockholm
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Our Sponsors Interested in sponsoring IVA? Contact  sponsorship@iva2017.org for more details.  Poster   Session A Racing Heart and Sweaty Palms: What Influences Users' Self- Assessments and Physiological Signals When Interacting With Virtual  Audiences?     Mathieu Chollet   and Stefan Scherer Say Hi to Eliza     Gerard Llorach and Josep Blat Moveable Facial Features in a Social Mediator     Muhammad Sikandar Lal Khan, Shafiq Rehman, Yongcui Mi, Usman Naeem, Jonas Beskow and  Haibo Li Simulating listener gaze and evaluating its effect on human speakers     Laura Frädrich, Fabrizio Nunnari, Alexis Heloir and Maria Staudte You Can Leave Your Head On - Attention Management and Turn-Taking    in Multi - party Interaction with a Virtual Human/Robot Duo     Jeroen Linssen, Meike Berkhoff, Max Bode, Eduard Rens, Mariet Theune and Daan Wiltenburg Predicting Future Crowd Motion Including Event Treatment     Cliceres Mack Dal Bianco, Soraia Raupp Musse, Adriana Braun, Rodrigo Poli Caetani, Claudio Rosito   Jung and Norman Badler An ASAP Realiser -  Unity3D Bridge for Virtual and Mixed Reality  Applications     Jan Kolkmeier, Merijn Bruijnes, Dennis Reidsma and Dirk Heylen Toward an Automatic Classification of Negotiation Styles using Natural     Language Processing     Daniela Pacella, Elena Dell'Aquila and Davide Marocco Evaluated by a Machine. Effects of Negative Feedback by a Computer The Expression of Mental States in a Humanoid Robot     Markus Lindberg, Hannes Sandberg, Marcus Liljenberg, Max Eriksson, Birger Johansson and  Christian Balkenius Recipe Hunt: Engaging with Cultural Food Knowledge using Multiple  Embodied Conver sational Agents     Sabiha Khan, Adriana Camacho and David Novick  Poster   Session  B Generating Situation-Based Motivational Feedback in a PTSD E-health  System       Myrthe Tielman, Mark Neerincx and Willem-Paul Brinkman Interactive Narration with a Child: Avatar versus Human in Video-Conference     Alexandre Pauchet, Ovidiu Serban, Adeline Richard and Émilie Chanoni Studying Gender Bias and Social Backlash via Simulated Negotiations  with Virtual Agents      Laura van der Lubbe and Tibor Bosse Towards Believable Interactions between Synthetic Characters     Ricardo Rodrigues and Carlos Martinho Lay  C ausal Explanations of Human vs. Humanoid Behavior      Sam Thellman, Annika Silvervarg and Tom Ziemke Gaze and Moral Confli cts in VR: University Employees Address Grade  Disputes with a Virtual Trainer     Jan Kolkmeier, Minha Lee and Dirk Heylen Motion Capture Synthesis with Adversarial Learning     Qi Wang and Thierry Artieres To Tell the Truth: Virtual Agents and Morning Morality     Sharon  Mozgai, Gale Lucas and Jonathan Gratch Does a Robot Tutee Increase Engagement in a Learning-by-learning Situation?     Markus Lindberg, Kristian Månsson, Birger Johansson, Agneta Gulz and Christian Balkenius The Dynamics of Human-Agent Trust with POMDP-Generated    -Agent Trust with POMDP-Generated    Explanations     Ning Wang and David Pynadath Design of an Emotion Elicitation Tool using VR for Human-Avatar   Interaction Studies     Pierre - Henri Orefice, Mehdi Ammi, Moustapha Hafez and Adriana Tapus
Nicole Kraemer, Jonathan Gratch and Lilly-Marie Leiße. Evaluated by a Machine
or Human Boss
 Demos A Virtual Poster Presenter using Mixed Reality    Vanya Avramova , Fangkai Yang, Chengjie Li, Christopher Peters, and Gabriel Skantze The Intelligent Coaching Space: A Demonstration     Iwan de Kok , Felix Hülsmann, Thomas Waltemate, and Cornelia Frank, A Psychotherapy Training Environment with Virtual Patients  Implemented using the Furhat Robot Platform      Robert Johansson, Gabriel Skantze, and Arne Jönsson Crowd-Powered Design of Virtual Attentive Listeners       Patrik Jonell, Catharine Oertel, Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos, Jonas Beskow, Joakim Gustafson Development and Perception Evaluation of Culture-specific Gaze A Web-Based Platform for Annotating Sentiment-Related Phenomena in  Human-Agent Conversations     Caroline Langlet, Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis, and Chloé Clavel Social Gaze Model for an Interactive Virtual Character     Bram van den Brink, Christyowidiasmoro and Zerrin Yumak Virtual Role-Play with Rapid Avatars       Ning Wang, Ari Shapiro, David Schwartz, Gabrielle Lewine, Andrew Wei-Wen Feng A demonstration of the ASAP Realizer-Unity3D Bridge for Virtual and    Mixed Reality Applications     Jan Kolkmeier, Merijn Bruijnes, and Dennis Reidsma
Julian Hough, Thies Pfeiffer, David Schlangen, Thomas Schack, Mario Botsch, and Stefan Kopp
Behaviors of Virtual Agents
Tomoko Koda, Taku Hirano, and Takuto Ishioh