IVA2017 August 27-30, Stockholm
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17th International Conference on

Intelligent Virtual Agents        

(IVA 2017), Aug 27-30, Stockholm

IVA 2017 Panel

“Research Directions for Affective Pedagogical Agents” Pedagogical agents (or virtual humans/agents) include animated anthropomorphic  agents in support of learning. After 20 years of research, there is now an extensive  research literature on the design and effectiveness of pedagogical agents. Pedagogical  agent research has made great progress, expanding its scope from the focus on agents’  provision of expert guidance through intelligent agent-based systems to a broader  interest in agents’ social and affective capabilities to support learners. In this interactive panel session, leaders in virtual agents for learning (e.g., pedagogical  agents) will discuss future research directions including the role of affect, current  technological challenges, practical implications for the classroom, and the unique  affordances and limitations of affective agents for learning-related outcomes. After the  chair provides a brief initial framing, each panelist will present a brief 8 min “flash talk”  on a relevant topic area (see “Topic areas” below). Following these presentations, the  chair will facilitate an interactive discussion and encourage debate among panelists and  the audience. TOPIC AREAS  Social intelligence of affective pedagogical agents  Effects of nonverbal behavior of affective pedagogical agents  Health education with virtual agents  PANELISTS Amy L. Baylor, National Science Foundation (chair) Ning Wang, University of Southern California Nicole Kramer, University of Duisburg-Essen Tim Bickmore, Northeastern University Agneta Gulz, Lund University
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